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Hard-working, Approachable, Knowledgeable, Entrepreneurial … H-A-K-E … Yeah, we did that!
And our mission. Helping small businesses go from good to great. No wait, scratch that … from good to BRILLIANT!

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So who are we? We’re a small, core team of digital, marketing, tech and business experts. And we choose (and love) to work with small, like-minded businesses.

Why small businesses and not ‘all businesses’? Because small businesses are often more invested in their success. And it’s this passion that we love. That is infectious. And that drives not only great relationships but brilliant outcomes.

Our down to earth, honest approach to finding solutions means we have one simple objective. To build a strategy that delivers measurable results to the bottom line. A strategy focused on the customer, informed by data and insight and meticulously executed.

That means more customers and better customers, helping you to make more money.

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Our journey started way back in 2007 with a simple philosophy. ‘Brilliant businesses come from building brilliant customer relationships.’

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We were tired of hearing about over-complicated solutions to clients’ problems or how many likes and followers a business had, as if this was the only driver of success. We wanted to approach things differently. And so, Ta-Dah! Here we are, Hake Digital.

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We’re all about starting relevant and useful conversations, being where customers are at the exact right moment, delivering delightfully intuitive online experiences, engaging with customers and continuing to nurture that relationship, even after a sale. It’s these principles that underpin all we do and what makes our work, work!

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And how do we know when we’ve got it right? It’s when we see our client’s recruiting. Because a business that’s recruiting is a business that’s growing. And that’s why we love what we do.

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  • I am extremely happy with HAKE Digital and feel very comfortable recommending them to anyone. I feel that we have a great relationship, not just a contract for work. Responses to calls and messages are swift and to the point. There is always someone willing to talk to me and to mutually solve a problem.

    The team at HAKE are proactive and the work is always first class. They help me with my website, Google Ads, Facebook marketing, SEO and email marketing, all of which have helped me get more sales and reduce costs.

    Clare Spink - MD Kigu Ltd

  • Hake have been a dream to work with for the past 2 years - We initially went to them for a website redesign and progressed to a full monthly service covering SEO, adwords, and website support. They have recently redesigned another of our websites and have been great to work with throughout. Super speedy, always available to answer queries, and generally lovely people to work with :-)

    Ella Magale - Simply Smile

  • I have used this agency for apx 18 months. In this time together we have focussed on one of our core products. Hake initially wrote a strategy, including max spend etc and have followed through with that strategy on time in full. The product line in question has subsequently had more sales in the first half of this year than the whole of the previous year. I can wholeheartedly recommend this company.

    Mark LLewellyn - MD - HL Healthcare

  • Robert and his team provide an excellent service. Fast and efficient. Highly recommended for anyone looking for digital marketing services.

    Joshua Finn - Joshua Leigh & Co

  • Excellent, bespoke digital agency. The team really know their stuff and give detailed data analysis to help us make smart decisions that improve the performance of our campaigns. Highly recommended

    Tim Sarchet - Co Founder - Nomadic Learning

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The best projects are title image
The best projects are Title image

Projects where everyone is on the same page, the project owner trusts us to make the right call. Objectivity is given airtime and subjectivity takes a back seat. When the idea, the objective, the opportunity all make sense and the stars align.

No surprise by my answer here … It’s when I can unleash my creativity.

I wondered what you were going to say then! Ha ha!

My Projects. Ha ha!

Ha ha! Noted Ben! #eyeroll. For me, it’s when a client is so passionate about their business and is truly excited about the possibilities. This energy is infectious and totally makes for brilliant projects!


And the next question is ‘how do you think others would describe you?

Ummm, direct!


I’m gonna go down the old, it’s a positive-negative route! Ha Ha! Tenacious! … and others would say, annoyingly tenacious! Ha!

I thought you were going to go down the total nerd route!

Actually yeah, that too! … computer geek and proud!

I know what yours should be, Rob.

Oh Christ, go on then … what?

Obsessive! You’re proper OCD when it comes to attention to detail Ha ha!

Yeah can’t argue with that. Although I think I prefer ‘perfectionist’ … sounds a little less psychotic! Ha ha!

What did you want to be when you were a kid title image

A rollercoaster maker.

I wanted to be an air force pilot, but being colour blind, dyslexic and fat put paid to that idea!

Mrs Donnie Whalberg! Ha ha!


Before your time, mate! I wanted to be an inventor!

Well, you’re living the dream here then! Can you remember the deep fried turkey oil drum contraption you created.

I’d rather not, thanks!

Ha ha … I do! What a winner! I wanted to be an artist! Also living the dream! Oh and taller! Still waiting for that one to be honest! Universe … when you get a mo, thanks.

Most irritating thing that clients do.

Ask for a cheese sandwich when they need egg fried rice, decline the egg fried rice, feel disappointed with the cheese sandwich and say "but I ordered egg fried rice”.

And we deliver a mean egg fried rice, don’t we!

And great sweet and sour chicken balls.

Stop, I’m hungry!

What’s your biggest cock-up Title Image

Not getting a haircut before lockdown.

Send us a picture! Ha ha!

I’ve seen it and yes, I’d agree! Ha ha!

My biggest cock-up? Has to be when I cost a client £20K in under an hour because of a single line of code being wrong! Totally learned from that one! Ouch!

Blo*dy hell, that’s one hell of an hourly rate! Do they still speak to you!

Thankfully, yes! And it was 15 years ago … should probably mention that!

Mine was thinking that bonding and plastering over artex was going to be easy! How wrong I was! Epic fail!

Best client / outcome you’ve ever had.  Title Image

Reducing a client's ad budget from £250k per month to £150k per month while increasing revenue by 25%.

Is that the project where we first met? I remember it well! Great project … and the rest they say is history!

Ok - set the bar high there, Robert! But I reckon I’ve got you here. It was when a website I produced hit 1 million paid customers. Proper proud of that one!

Wow, impressive. I’m taking the 5th on this one! Can’t compete …

Me neither! Nexttt! !

Best pub Title Image

Now this is a question I like! The Oak W12 for the Guiness and pizza. And The Anglesea Arms for the outdoor seating, the food and the pub cat.

… which actually wasn't the pub’s cat!

Great choice there Robert. Mine has to be The Spyglass

The pub in the Ice Hotel in Sweden. Brilliant!

Hang on, didn’t you say earlier that the thing you loved most was a cold wine on a hot day?

Oh yeah, I did … ha ha! I just love wine … wherever it is!

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We want to help and we’d like to think we definitely can (and we’ll tell you if we can’t.) Get in touch today. Either drop us a note or book in a zoom chat. We’d love to hear from you. hello@hakedigital.com


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