Le Pain

Le Pain Quotidien has more than 250 hundred outlets across 19 countries. It’s a big and well-known business serving freshly made food based around the best quality bread to people who want a bit more from their breakfast or lunch.

The project

Not so well known, is that they offer corporate and event catering to businesses, education and private individuals. In 2018 they launched five large scale catering hubs in London and our job was to maximise the online presence and revenue for catering services.

The approach

Utilizing every weapon in the online advertising armoury we created far reaching campaigns that would create awareness of catering, encourage and educate people to consider Le Pain for catering and most importantly drive an increase in catering revenue in London.

We used beautiful image ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram to grab the attention of potential customers. Video ads on YouTube and Facebook to tell the story of the brand, sponsored content on LinkedIn to reach the right people in the right sized businesses, and covered every base with Google PPC search advertising so Le Pain was always there when people had a need.

The results

The financial results for Le Pain speak for themselves, with a +125% increase in catering revenue over the first year, coupled with +50% increase in average order value. In addition, these new, more profitable customers are now repeat customers, with Le Pain seeing a higher order frequency and lifetime value of those new acquisitions.


Botanic Lab is a pioneering wellness company offering juices, cleanses & tonics to people who want to improve their health, increase vitality or get a head-start on a healthy lifestyle change.

The project

The wellness industry is fiercely competitive and in order for Botanic Lab to stay at the top, in 2015 they asked us to become their digital marketing partner. This includes increasing the brand's visibility and establishing a new audience for the brand through online advertising and developing and managing a high-quality performance led website to process sales for the brand.

The approach

We developed a full digital marketing strategy in 2015 targeting a well defined demographic and reaching across the Google Search, Google Display and Facebook networks. Our approach focused on the health benefits of the juices, offering an educational approach that offered new information about the products health benefits and put some distance between Botanic Lab and similar juice brands on the market.

To further support Botanic Lab’s image as the ‘healthier choice’ for health enthusiasts we partnered with Nike Master Trainer Sonja Moses to create a powerful video promotion at her HIIT box events in the world-renowned Ministry Of Sound.

The results

The new website saw revenue increase by +300% within the first X months. Website visits increased by +200% and Botanic Lab were able to convert more of these visits with the added benefit of a higher average transaction value from each customer.

The Leadership

Nomadic Learning design and build virtual learning academies for large corporations and offer the digital learning experience to individuals and entrepreneurs via a global community of practice.

The project

Nomadic went to market with a strategic partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership in early 2018. To be successful, they needed a digital marketing strategy that would drive B2B enquiries from Learning & Development professionals and ambitious entrepreneurs who wanted to learn how to build and develop a team.

The approach

We put together a smart and robust campaign strategy for the UK, USA and Canada and set about delivering on the tactical plan. We utilised Google display ads to create awareness and encourage product adoption. Facebook was our main means for individuals and entrepreneurs with LinkedIn the platform of choice to reach the L&D department heads. Google was utilised to drive leads and ecommerce transactions via a set of simple but effective keyword targeted campaigns.

The results

The target of the campaign was to improve and increase B2B leads and this was immediately with engagement from several key industry players. In addition, B2C transactions also increased by +150% with many individuals and entrepreneurs joining the global programmes.

“Excellent bespoke digital agency. The team really know their stuff and give detailed data analysis to help us make smart decisions that improve the performance of our campaigns. Highly recommended.”



ENT healthcare is a UK based supplier of niche ENT over-the-counter healthcare products, including the hero product - a spray to help people stop snoring.

The project

They wanted to launch a modern, but pharmaceutically elegant direct to consumer website for the UK. They needed a digital marketing campaign to create brand awareness and drive conversion.

The approach

ENT Healthcare creates problem-solving health products and wanted to offer them directly to consumers to complement their current distribution through retailers such as Boots.

To achieve this they needed a digital strategy that targeted their consumer, sufferers or sufferers’ caregivers, with relevant and assuring information that aligned their symptoms with a solution. As well as raising awareness for their products, they also needed to deliver the relevant traffic to a user-friendly and reliable ecommerce-site.

The results

Overall, ENT saw a +200% increase in revenue month on month, with positive results since launch and no sign of slowing down. The highlight of the campaign being that their hero product delivered more sales in the first half of the year than the whole of the previous year.

“I have used this agency for approximately eighteen months. In this time together, we have focussed on one of our core products. Hake initially wrote a strategy including maximum spend etc and have followed through with that strategy on time and in full. I can whole-heartedly recommend this company”.


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"In short, I would highly recommend Hake Digital! A great bunch of people that know their stuff and that genuinely care about your business and success. It’s an absolute pleasure working with them."

Kelly Eyre, The Yellow Brick Road Gallery

"Excellent, bespoke digital agency. The team really know their stuff and give detailed data analysis to help us make smart decisions that improve the performance of our campaigns. Highly recommended."

Tim Sarchett, Nomadic Learning

"I have used this agency for apx 18 months. In this time together we have focussed on one of our core products. Hake initially wrote a strategy, including max spend etc and have followed through with that strategy on time in full. The product line in question has subsequently had more sales in the first half of this year than the whole of the previous year. I can whole heartedly recommend this company."

Mark Llewellyn, HL Healthcare

"Robert and his team provide an excellent service. Fast and efficient. Highly recommend for anyone looking for digital marketing services."

Joshua Finn, Joshua Leigh & Co.

"Great bunch of guys - responsive and reliable"

Marc Wright, Simply-Communicate