Beyond photos of cats and kids – How we harness Facebook Catalogue to drive sales and boost your marketing ROI

Love it or hate it as a social media platform, what can’t be denied about Facebook’s somewhat Marmite online presence is its power as a marketplace.

While many are hooked on Facebook’s feeds and those of its sister site Instagram as places to share photos of food, family and felines, there’s also some serious selling going on. And that’s great news for retailers like you. 

In the same way, we help businesses like yours to market their products more effectively and directly to consumers via tools like Google’s Smart Shopping, we’re equally adept at leveraging Facebook’s built-in commerce features. 

Spreading the marketing love

For maximum impact and budget efficiency, we diversify your marketing spend across multiple platforms to reach your ideal customers wherever they happen to hang out online and, more often than not, they can be found on Facebook. What’s even better is that they’re not alone. They’re mingling with friends, receiving recommendations and sharing their own shopping experiences, making it the perfect environment to place your products. 

The stats help reinforce this decision too. Of course, there’s the fact that Facebook has more than 1.5 billion daily users spending an average of 35 minutes on the site per day, but did you know, for instance, that 74% of high-income earners are Facebook users?[1] Facebook also has one of the best demographic and age group mixes of all social networks and a whopping 94% of its ad revenue comes from mobile platforms.[2] In recent years, the average price for a Facebook ad has decreased while the number of ad impressions has increased, with the average user clicking 11 ads per month.[3] 

So, yeah. It’s worth marketing your products there. 

From cat photos to catalogues

One of the ways we harness Facebook marketing for our customers is to use the Facebook Catalogues feature. It’s a handy way to list all of the items your brand sells in one place so they can then be applied to ads and sales channels, not only on Facebook but Instagram too. 

We help you tap into the huge potential of Facebook marketing first by setting you up with a Facebook page for your business, we then add your inventory by uploading specific details or linking directly to your eCommerce platform to populate the list. This includes specifics about each item, availability and other elements to help target products to the right people. Then, using the digital ads we create for you or specific stores on Facebook and Instagram, we can not only set about selling your products more efficiently but gather insight into your audience. 

Know your audience

As with all of our Direct to Consumer (DTC) work, promotion is only half of the job. Understanding which of your ads and products are most successful and the people interested in them all plays a part in refining your marketing strategy for optimum results and maximum budget efficiency. We forensically analyse the outcomes of promotions on these digital channels to make sure you’re making the most of your marketing, adapting and tweaking as we go so your promotions generate the best possible ROI. 

Think about it. Your products could be visible on just your website or, with Facebook Catalogue and a wide range of other tools at our disposal, Hake’s DTC expertise could help them attract the eyes of an additional audience of millions. 

So, wherever you stand on Facebook, if you’ve got something to sell, it might be worth taking a second look… 

…and then having a word with us. 

We’re HAKE, the honest, approachable, knowledgeable and entrepreneurial digital agency. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you find your ideal customers.


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