We are Honest, Approachable, Knowledgeable and Entrepreneurial
Lady using a VR headset
The name HAKE is derived from the four core values we feel are most important as a digital agency: Honest, Approachable, Knowledgeable and Entrepreneurial. Based near Liverpool Street in London, HAKE serves a range of businesses in and around London and specialises in PPC, SEO, Web Development and Promoted Social across multiple platforms. Since inception HAKE has maintained long-standing relationships with clients with a belief that they should be well served and receive a healthy return on marketing investment.
To experience continued growth as a business by consistently providing excellent ROI for our clients allowing them to scale and expand. To further our reputation as an industry educator while maintaining our core values and beliefs. Continue to enhance our reputation by delivering excellent work, speaking at events, developing literature and staying ‘ahead of the curve’ when it comes to the way we think and act.
HAKE’s values are embedded in the name and we attribute a lot of our success to them. We believe that if we can apply these values to clients and prospects we set ourselves apart from the market. The importance we place on honesty begins from the first meeting and throughout the client relationship. If a prospect requests we create a strategy that includes services we are sure won’t work well for them, we will offer something better. If our ongoing analytics suggest your website could be better, we will tell you.
Our approach starts with marketing objectives and then incorporates digital services. By creating strategies that focus on awareness, consideration, education and action and apply digital services like PPC, SEO and Social Media we create full digital marketing plans that reach long-term goals and objectives as opposed to simple clicks and impressions.