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Hake can help you build a direct relationship with your customers that enables your business to adapt and thrive in today’s challenging climate.

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In these challenging times, you’re naturally considering ways to improve sales and enhance operations, recover lost business and prevent future disruption. That’s why now’s the time to reduce reliance on middlemen and take back control of your business by selling direct to customers.

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7.9% of total retail sales in 2010

21% of total retail sales in 2020

30% of total retail sales due to pandemic in 2020

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Unlike traditional sales models, selling direct puts you in control. It provides you with access to better data and insights, enabling you to deepen relationships with customers and boost loyalty through enhanced experiences and improved personalisation.

Reduced reliance on third parties means you can unlock the agility to quickly adapt your product line and differentiate your offering as markets and consumer needs shift. This new flexibility not only protects you from future disruption but opens the door to much broader reach for your brand.

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Working with a trusted partner, you can bring your sales and marketing in-house for complete control over your product lines, messaging and approach.

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Benefit from your own custom eCommerce site to drive and enhance customer relationships and sales.

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Sell your products in a way retailers can’t. Create bundles, exclusives and subscriptions services, or offer socially distanced deliveries to meet new customer needs.

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Create campaigns unique to your business across online and bricks and mortar stores to tailor customer journeys and reach a wider audience.

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Gather information to better target customers and create more loyal repeat shoppers.

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Assess, quantify and analyse everything you do to understand what works and make better decisions with data.

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Leverage new levels of control and unbridled agility to better serve your customers and delight them in new ways.

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To truly embrace DTC and the opportunities it affords, you need an experienced agency adept at building the digital platforms and creating the stand-out campaigns that drive sales.

Across web development, design, data analysis, PPC and content creation, we are results-focused and work in your best interest. We don’t do paint by numbers projects or sugar-coat the facts. We adapt to suit your needs and focus on business outcomes to help you develop better customer relationships and boost sales.

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