How do you find your ideal customers in a sea of consumers and competitors? Just ask Hake (and Google).

Remember when shopping meant people heading directly to a specific high street store to find what they were looking for? Then, as online retail increased, they navigated straight to a brand’s website. Today, with millions of stores vying for attention, there’s no guarantee that shoppers are going to land on your site at all, even if you do sell exactly what they want.

That’s where Hake comes in. 

By getting to know your business and your target audience, we use our Direct to Consumer (DTC) expertise to develop digital campaigns that grab the attention of your perfect customers. The people who want what you sell but are yet to discover your business. We do this across a range of modern platforms, including Facebook and, of course, Google. With almost 70% of digital ad spend going to Google, Facebook and Amazon, they’re the ideal places to drive sales, but it’s not as easy as just running an ad and watching the orders roll in… [1] 

As the ‘front door of the Internet’, Google and its related services like YouTube and Gmail attract billions of eyeballs every day, with the Google Display Network reaching 90% of Internet users worldwide.[2] Many of these people are shopping for products just like yours, but with a vast sea of competitors fighting for a slice of the action, what’s to stop them finding something similar somewhere else? Well here’s the good news; according to Status Labs,  90% of searchers haven’t made their mind up about a brand before starting their search. You just need to be in the right place at the right time to attract their business. And when you have their attention, you can let your excellent products and promotions speak for themselves. 

That’s why, in addition to Google Ads and wider campaign strategies, Hake harnesses the power of retail-specific tools like Google’s Smart Shopping.[3] Forming part of the Direct to Consumer service we provide, tools like these help us to use your marketing budget more efficiently and improve conversions. By targeting those actively looking for what you offer, we can enhance ROI and revenue versus a more scattergun advertising approach. 

And, because modern shoppers don’t stay in the same place for long, Smart Shopping campaigns are perfect for turning heads wherever people are browsing, whether its at home, at work or on a mobile device. The Smart Shopping campaigns we create for you appear across all of Google’s properties, from Search to Social, and provide great insight as to what works and what doesn’t so we can adapt them for maximum impact. Google does a lot of the legwork too. It pulls items from your list of products and uses machine learning to show different ads to the right people across networks. By testing different combinations of the text and images we provide, Smart Shopping quickly learns which ads are most effective and prioritises them to help boost returns. 

HubSpot claims ad placement and audience targeting are the top optimisation tactics used by advertisers today and, as part of a broader DTC strategy from Hake, you can use it to target and convert more customers directly.[4]

By combining our DTC experience with smart services like Google’s Smart Shopping, finding the ideal customer is far easier than simply screaming into the online void. Like the high street shoppers of old, there are plenty of consumers who would love to visit your store. With our help and Google’s latest tech, you can usher them straight to your digital door. 

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