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Here's how we get things done for you and your business ... Hake style!

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We’re focused on one simple goal and that’s helping small businesses go from good to BRILLIANT. How do we do this? By finding you more, and better customers that will deliver measurable improvements to your bottom line.

We know time is precious and resources scarce. So we’ve designed 3 service packages to help you choose how best to invest your time and money.

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Here’s how you can choose to work with our team of experts.

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Maybe you have your own in-house team and are looking to up-skill or refresh. Or perhaps you’re looking to expand your marketing footprint and need your team to wear a few hats. Our team of experts will work with you on designing a training agenda – delivered online or in person – to get your team working at full strength.

Prices start from £300 for a 2 hour session to £500 for 4 hours. We do one off training sprints or monthly sessions. Or we can create a bespoke training programme for your team and your budget.

Whatever you need and however you’d like to work with us, we’re ready to get stuck in with you on your journey to BRILLIANT.

So, let’s get started. Drop us a note or book in a zoom with Robert, our MD, for a no strings, exploratory chat. We’d love to help and we’d like to think we definitely can.

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We listen. We spend time with you to understand you, your business, your objectives, your worries and problems. And then we’ll ask the honest, sometimes tough, questions to figure out where the gaps and opportunities are. BRILLIANT outcomes start with solid foundations.

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Our team will then come together and use data, insights and our expertise and experience to build your plan to BRILLIANT. Making every click count and every interaction an opportunity. The goal is simple. To make a measurable difference to your bottom line through finding you more, and better customers and delivering a uniquely brilliant customer experience.

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DMDB. Do More, Do Better. And this is the power of data. We’ll work with you to optimise your sales funnels, be that lead generation or direct conversion. Testing, tweaking and changing as we go along. A successful business never stands still. It looks to constantly learn to make sure it stays BRILLIANT.

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We’re all about helping small businesses go from good to BRILLIANT. Finding more, and better customers. Delivering real bottom line improvements.
Doing work, that works.

If you’d like to have a no-obligation, free chat with Robert, our MD, to see how we can help, then we’d love to hear from you.


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