Grow brand awareness, encourage product consideration, inform and educate your customers & drive action
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This is where we reach out to people and let them know you exist. Awareness is super useful if you are launching a new business, entering a new market or territory, promoting new products and services or simply trying to gain some brand recognition. Awareness is all about targeted reach, showing ads to people who have an affinity with what you do, are in the demographic group you’ve identified as key to your business and are in the locations where you want to gain traction.
By combining magic, witchcraft and Google in-market audience targeting we can help you connect with people who are in the market for the products and services you want to sell. Consideration is about reach and engagement. Reaching the right people who are in the market for ”X”, let them know you have a version of “X”, have them engage with your ad and visit your website so they can consider you as a supplier for the goods and services they need.
Moving image [or video as it used to be called] is far more accessible to companies of all sizes now and is the perfect medium to explain complex products and services, tell an interesting brand story, show how exciting your last event was or provide free help, guidance and training. YouTube still holds the prestigious rank of 2nd largest search engine and it’s where savvy consumers and business professionals head when they want to get a deeper understanding on a subject before they move forward with a purchasing decision. Added to that video ads via youtube and facebook are very cost effective, so you can run an online video campaign with more targeted reach leading to detailed analytics for less than 1% of what a comparable TV campaign would cost.
When people want to “do something”, “go somewhere” or “buy anything” the first thing they do is make a search on Google. These people are in the mode to take action and if you can reach them at that moment with either a paid ad, or an organic search listing you can drive valuable potential customers to your website. Both paid ad campaigns and top organic search listings require detailed understanding of what people are searching for, at what stage they are in the buying process and what they’ll need to convert and become a customer or a lead.