PPC, SEO, Facebook Marketing & Web Development
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Google PPC is a great way to meet all four of your marketing objectives. You can use image ads on the Google display network to raise brand awareness. You can use in market audience targeting to reach people in the market for the things you sell and consider you as a supplier. You can run informative and educational video ads via YouTube and most importantly you can drive action by showing ads on the Google search results page when people are looking for the goods and services you provide.
Getting to the top of Google search engine results page [SERP] is not quick or easy but it can be done. SEO has moved on since the early days of keyword stuffing, buying links and keyword heavy domain names. To do well in SEO now, you first have to understand the landscape, then you have to get the technical elements right, page load times, metadata, mobile optimisation, fix site crawl errors, provide an XML sitemap to Google webmaster tools and the list goes on. If you’re not an expert it can feel very overwhelming, but luckily we are experts. We deal with all the nasty technical stuff and give you simple reports on status and progress at the end of each month.
Facebook is a great way for consumer-oriented businesses to reach a very targeted audience, less so for B2B companies. Having the ability to target specific people by age, gender, location, interest, life events, income and more makes hitting the right people much easier. As with Google, you can use various ad types combined with your audience to achieve all your marketing objectives. Facebook is also great for engagement and conversion to get real world feedback on what you’re doing and if people choose to like your page, you can then market to them in the future for free.
Much like SEO, the world of website design and development moves at lightning pace and what worked a couple of years ago [landing pages] might not be the right answer today. The rise and rise of the all-consuming mobile device also means that many people will find your website for the first time on their phone if they can’t find what they want they are very unlikely to come back on a laptop later. Page speed is vitally important now, most people have such super speedy internet access that if your site or server can't keep up, they will just get bored and go somewhere else and Google is starting to take a dim view of sites that don’t load quickly or render correctly on mobile phones, so without a decent website you won’t get a good search ranking.