Turning bidders into buyers – Using insight-driven eBay ads to boost your brand

If you’re looking for a good price on a second-hand teapot, an electronic device or even a car, the chances are you’ll head to eBay and bid on what you’re after. More than 183 million people around the world do the same across a wide range of product types. On eBay in the UK, for example, a car part is purchased every second, a makeup product every 2 seconds and an appliance every 5. [1] However, it might surprise you to learn that 79% of the items sold on eBay are brand new. [2]

Of course, a lot of these items are unwanted and unused gifts, but the statistic does highlight the opportunity for brands to sell products directly in a very active marketplace. To further reinforce this point, most items on eBay aren’t sold to the highest bidder but the fastest clicker, with 88% of products sold via Buy It Now, [3] which is effectively the same process as purchasing from an online store.

With millions of customers buying brand new products from brands, eBay is more than just an auction site. It’s a powerful platform for businesses to sell directly to consumers. And even if you don’t sell via eBay, it still provides an opportunity to better promote your products.

Ads and auctions

While eBay has some standard tools to promote individual product sales, it also offers more traditional advertising via eBay Ad Manager. Designed to promote products and services to those already in the mood to buy, Ad Manager leverages eBay’s vast user base by enabling you to place ads next to relevant products as banners on its website and in its app which has been downloaded 542 million times. [4] While the numbers might not match Google Ads, they’re nothing to be sniffed at, and Ad Manager even includes features similar to Google’s offering too.

A new kind of bid

When working to help you sell direct to consumers, Hake leverages a number of different platforms to promote your products, with eBay ads being one of them. In addition to Facebook, Instagram, Google and others, we see it as a diversification of your marketing spend that targets the right audience for your brand wherever they happen to be online. 

As with many of the campaigns we create, eBay Ad Manager provides us with a number of ways to make the most of your budget, helping us tailor promotions to your target audience and using analytics and reporting to understand their performance.

Less waste, more clicks

In addition to creating ads for eBay Ad Manager campaigns and selecting the ideal placements, we also regularly review how ads are doing and harness A/B testing to determine what works and what doesn’t. Working in this way, we can fine-tune your ads to make sure they’re making your marketing money work as hard as possible. This is further enhanced by the pay-for-what-you-use nature of eBay Ad Manager, which refunds any spending on ads that don’t meet the threshold we set. As a result, you don’t waste money on underperforming promotions, and we can reallocate that budget, putting it toward the ads that drive results. 

With full control over the scheduling and placement of your ads, as well as access to detailed performance statistics, Hake can harness eBay’s huge marketplace to promote your products whether you sell them on the platform or not. 

So, the next time you’re looking for a bargain used product on eBay, think about the many millions of others doing the same and how Hake and eBay Ad Manager could help you turn them into customers.

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